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And this scene right here? That 100% set up Natasha’s scene with Loki. Actually, all her scenes set up that moment where she allows her secrets, herself into the open. She knows that every single thing that comes out of her mouth is likely to be used against her, and she puts it OUT there, expecting it to be used against her. She gives people small (or large) bits of herself because she knows who and what she is. The bits she gives people don’t matter because the first cut is the deepest and all of it, all of it, has cut the nerve before.

Something terrifying about Natasha is that you can’t break her because every, single, tiny bit of herself has been broken. So even if something unbroken and good comes into her life, she knows it’s going to get destroyed. She KNOWS IT. And it might be a terrible way to look at the world, but you know what? It’s a damn practical one.

And I love this scene between Natasha and Bruce because they are so SIMILAR in this way. I don’t think Bruce has come to quite the understanding of self that Natasha has, but he’s on the way there. And while most of Natasha’s origin stories have this being done to her, and her having time to deal with that, Bruce did this to himself. And that’s a shit load of fault and frustration to deal with.

And I just… love the idea of them. Kind of in the same way that I love the idea of Scott and Rogue. Bruce and Natasha have had so much taken from them, that they’re now just giving it away. And I guess there’s some kind of really deep zen koan of being truly centered and wanting nothing about that.

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